Thursday, February 17, 2005

Safe and Tired!

I have made it to New Zealand and am currently in the domestic terminal of Auckland Airport.

The second leg of the journey from Singapore to NZ was almost unbearable. I think I picked but a few germs somewhere and my throat is pretty sore...probably not as sore as the kid to tried scream us all to death for the first 30 minutes.

I cant understand why all the stupid people have to sit next to me...a la the plastic peanut bag that requires scrunching every thrity seconds or the woman in fornt of me who insisted on moving her seat while the means were being served...but anyway it is probably my jet-lag and extreme sleep depravation talking (we had an earthquake at 450am the day I flew out so in the last 48 hours I have had about 3hrs 40mins sleep. The colours are so pretty.

Gotta dash.

Monday, February 14, 2005

All my bags are packed....well sorta

Well bar Valentines Day and a (pre) Brithday Dinner party, one final day at my school job some packing and organising (including buying a train ticket to the Airport) I am all set to come to New Zealand.

I doubt that I will have time to update my blog with any of the goings on for a little while but once in NZ I will (probably) put some of the pics from the various above activities.

I can still be contacted in NZ by email so never fear.

If anyboday has any idea how to keep occupied through 25 hours of travelling please let me know.

To you kiwis in the motherland...see you soon.