Sunday, June 11, 2006

I love APA Referencing

Well I managed to finish my practicum without too much hassle. I got a glowing report from my supervising teacher. Full of confidence I returned to university to present my report and was met by one of my lecturers giving me my essay back with “Rewrite” written on it and an accompanying message to meet her so that I could discuss my rewrite. It seems from the comments that I didn’t understand what the point of the essay was and I didn’t follow the APA referencing that is required. In fact 80% of the comments related to the referencing rather than the content. Reminds me of the story when the guy went to get the marriage certificate and they officer at the court made him fix lots of mistakes to prevent him having a first born that was born technically out of wedlock, whereas the man thought the court officer was being the technical bastard.

Well I suppose that if I roll with the punches and put commas where they tell me to and quote the page that I got the information from (so that somebody can look-up my references never) then I can get the qualification that I will possibly never use.

I have added on a couple of photos from one of my classes in which we had a Pacific Island lunch and a couple of senior students from Fiji came in and talked to the boys about Fiji…it was a little concerning that the students were doing a better job of teaching than I but I suppose that is Vygotsky’s theory in effect – Social Constructivism – get the students to teach each other. So much easier to see the theory in action than do a report with fricking APA BS.

Oh well one point for APA and one for me surviving the practicum


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you want to see the fiji mermaid?


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