Sunday, September 18, 2005

Would the real plan please stand up

With more flip flops than an election campaign Etsuko and I have finally (probably) decided what we are doing next year. We have actually put things into action so we can’t deviate too far from the proposed course.

I have decided to return to university either Waikato in Hamilton or Massey extramural, and do a Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary). This course will kick off in February and finish up in October or so.

Etsuko has applied for an Australian Working Holiday Visa and assuming that is granted will depart there in August of next year after staying in NZ for about 9 months (assuming the visa and/or permit is granted).

I appreciate that you are probably unlikely to believe me that this is a final plan but the applications are already in to the universities and I am awaiting the decision. The Oz visa application is in and the NZ visa application will be filed as soon as the required TB X-ray can be sorted.

In any event I can confirm our arrival in NZ on 1 December 2005!!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Here is the full flag of the place we are going.......

(after some debate an option weighing) Long story.