Monday, January 24, 2005

Terror - Taxis - Towers

More on day 1…After checking in at the hotel we had some good old Mexican food and then headed off to the quite impressive Seoul Tower.

You would think that finding your way to a Tower that can be seen anywhere in the city would be easy…and it was, but the cable car to the Tower is another matter. I adopted a fairly gung-ho attitude and as long as we are heading toward it we would make it. Etsuko had slightly less faith in this approach especially when we ended up in a dark alley where even the shadows were afraid to come out. We decided to take a cab. Unfortunately the cab driver wasn’t interested in taking us anywhere despite his cab company offering a Free Translation service by telephone. This was unfortunately another instance of the Korean people not being terribly helpful to us.

Although in a rather redeeming manner a bystander that realized that we were lost told us that we were only 200m away from out target. Bother Etsuko and I took away a small victory here.

After a short ride up the cable car we are at Seoul Tower, which is 333m tall from its base. Inside there was a thing called the ‘333m Club’ that you could join for a fee. I am not sure of the nature of this club or its link to the (in)famous mile high club?

The view from here was pretty spectacular, although the ‘fog’ (smog more likely) limited the view a bit.


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