Monday, January 24, 2005

The Mess Tent

The Japanese seem to have a preoccupation with food. As soon as I mention Korea the subject of food is immeadiately raised. Therefore I will deal with Korea cusine here.

The food was really good!

I managed to have the dishes that are pretty well known (in Japan anyway) for example Bulgogi, bahbinbap, Korean sausages and nachos. (ok the nachos aren’t really Korean, they’re authentic American).

As you can see in the picture within 12 hours of being in Korea we stumbled upon a restruarant where they cook the food on the table right before your eyes. It was pretty good stuff and the price wasn’t too bad either about $10 NZD per head or so.

And yes the kimchi did flow freely! However I still reckon the ‘No. 5 extra hot’ from the Korean café in Hamilton is the best meal money can buy (because you cant buy mum and grandmas cooking….well give me $20 and I’ll see what I can do).


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