Sunday, June 11, 2006

Game Time

Yesterday we headed to the All Blacks vs. Ireland test match held here in little old Hamilton. A couple of things tried to prevent us enjoying ourselves including the gates opening 30 minutes later than the ticket said that they would open and the drunkest most obnoxious man in the world standing behind us yelling profanities at all and sundry…and even the cool evening had a go at breaking us but we battled through.

The pre-game fireworks were pretty cool….well actually they were really loud and hot! I thought that something had gone wrong when they went off. We were in the front row at the endzone grass embankment which was called the greenzone..which looked to be called the GreenZone because of all the green plastic bottles that were left behind when everybody left!

The game was a close victory to New Zealand but the Irish were ahead most of the game except the last 8 minutes or so.


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