Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A Giant Dragon??

Towel clad woman chases beau up Rimutakas
16 November 2005
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A woman chased her former boyfriend up the Rimutaka Hill, north of Wellington, wearing only a bath towel on Monday night after he absconded with her car while she was in the shower.
The man took the car after an argument over some of his personal belongings, including some tyres, a couple of exhaust systems and a giant statue of a dragon, which were stored in the car.
Constable Steve Goggin, of Featherston, said the woman was driving another car in pursuit of the man when she called police.
Officers arrived at the top of the hill to find the pair arguing on the side of the road, with her clad only in a bath towel.
Mr Goggin said the dispute was resolved and the car and chattels returned to their rightful owners.
No charges were laid.


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