Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Long time no.....

Well folks it has been a while since the last blog update of any significance.

The picture below of the lovely tree and gentleman relaxing on a late summers day was taken with Etsuko’s and my new camera, (and then edited in Photoshop). A Fujifilm camera. It is pretty nice as it has 10x zoom and 9 megapixles. A bit of a mammoth but feature fully manual photography which will come in handy as both of us want to get in to photography as a hobby.

Well things are much more organized now in the future plans sense. The only sticking point at the moment is getting a Visa for Etsuko. We hope to sort that pretty soon as long as the zealous immigration officials are not being too zealous that is!

On the good news front I have been accepted in to Waikato for a Graduate Diploma in Teaching. I am just not at this stage 100 percent sure what subjects I will be studying. So far it seems certain to include social studies but then maybe also Economics and Business studies but the uni has to agree that I am able to do this however ultimately it is now partially their problem as they have accepted me so they have to try and find something for me to do!!

Anyway not much else to report other than I said goodbye to my old computer and am now using Etsukos sister’s old computer which she kindly donated to us. It took a bit of fiddling and emergency messages to Brett to sort out the new computer and making it usable in English…but it seems to be ok now.

So less than one month to go and Rhys will be here in the next few weeks and hopefully Brett (as I still have a few bugs for him to work out ;-)


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