Wednesday, November 09, 2005

What I'm Leaving Behind

Thank you for your claims.
We sent her a strong e-mail.
we have asked couple time to do her garbage roster but she does not quite
understand how important it is.
we will tell her that we are going to take further action unless she does
her chore.
Gorbage disposal is very important issue for share house like Kanda.
Thank you for leaving a note for her.
Please be patient lit more and if she still does not care, please contact
Thank  you for your patience.

Sakura House
> ¡Given NameF Chris
> ¡Family NameF Grenfell
> ¡premiseF Kanda
> ¡room or bed numberF 601
> ¡claims or requestsF A rubbish schedule was put on our
> floor over a week ago, thanks for
> that.
> But the resident of 502 who was
> supposed to do the rubbish didnt
> do anything. I left a note on her
> door in case she hadnt seen the
> schedule but she still hasnt done
> the rubbish.
> ¡phone numberF -
> ¡E-MailF


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