Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Copy of Email Sent

Greetings everybody!

For you non internet savvy people I though that an email would be the most effective method of way of contacting you. For those who have been keeping up with my adventures on My Diary ( www.dickynikki.blogspot.com ) you probably have some idea of some of the content of this email.

It is summer in Japan at the moment and is pretty hot….but I don’t think it is as hot as last year, most of the time. The temp has only just been cracking 30 degrees most days staying in the low 30s is almost tolerable. Last and next month have saw and will see my family visit me. Mum and Dad are popping in for a whirlwind tour…although I think they will take a plane rather than whirlwind…it is much more reliable.

Anyway…the big news from my corner of the world is that I and my lovely girlfriend will be departing this corner of the world on 30 November and heading to NZ. (Arriving on December 1) The tickets have been bought and paid for (well the deposit anyway). I hope the weather in NZ is kinder this December than last!

The plan is to do a bit of catching up and sightseeing around NZ over the summer and then after Dave’s big day head to Australia for a bit of a look-see.

So I will in due course be handing in my notice at my two jobs and will probably work right up until 29 November before taking some well deserved rest (by playing tennis, golf, hiking and other restful activities!)

I apologise for being rather remiss with the emails over my time here but hopefully we can have a catch-up over the summer! Therefore if you are planning any social event (or tennis)…please don’t forget me (especially you mum and dad!!)

OK so I will leave it there and as always please fill me in the news from your place. Especially you EJ lot…you have been suspiciously quiet….probably plotting something I guess.

Oh and cheer up Bruce..Brash might still get the numbers (yeah right!!)



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