Friday, August 19, 2005


Today Etsuko and I decided to take Etsuko’s nephew Kosuke (4 years old) to the movies. This involved carefully choosing a movie that he would like. Ultimately he wanted to see an animated movie about a character called Anpanman. Anpanman is a character made from a type of bread, as are many of his comrades – as you would expect. The other character in the movie is called Baikinman which is literally “Germ-Man”. Boy was I excited that I was going to see this spectacular of fun!

Going to the movies in Japan is a slightly difficult and expensive proposition. Firstly we had to traipse across the other side of town to buy a discount voucher. Upon completion of this task we went to the movie theatre and bought drinks and popcorn etc. Then we came to the movie theatre and it was at this point that Kosuke developed a morbid fear of one of the minor characters, and the cinema was too dark for his liking.

I noticed that stubbornness would appear to be a family trait as no amount of cajoling, bribery or trickery would get him to change his mind about watching the movie. Unfortunately due to the method of ticket purchase we were unable to get a refund so we spent close to an hour trying to persuade the young fella to no avail.

I can understand his anxiety as I recall a movie called The Dark Crystal,
in which one of the actors removes his eye. Now that is frightening! Of
course the more cynically minded will argue that the actor was a muppet, but that has no bearing on the matter.

We settled for going to a game arcade where he happily sat in the 100yen powered kids ride. If only we had started there!


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Hey Dicky! Loving the new format, very nice. We should catch up for beer and gossip soon. Suze and Alex


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