Friday, March 10, 2006

Greetings from Waitomo

Hi there!!

I am sitting in the cafe in Waitomo near the famous Waitomo Caves. Etsuko and her friend Tomomi are venturing into the caves..(well hopefully exiting the caves) as I type.

I have spent the past week at school obversiving a teaching the odd class and part of classes as part of my uni course. I saw a few interesting things. I was explaing to one class of year nine students (3rd form 13 year old students) that i lived in Japan. I asked if they had any questions most of them realised that if they didn't ask a question that the lesson would continue and they would have to do work. So most of them had of the more interesting ones was "Sir! Sir! Is it true that there are heaps of hot asian chicks in Japan?" Of course I didn't answer his question or his follow up question of "Did you go out with any hot chicks in Japan?"

Anyway Etsuko and Tomomi are off to the Chiefs game tonight while I am at work. Then we are hitting the bay tomorrow.


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