Sunday, January 02, 2005

Two Thousand and Five

I might as well start with a cliché….well another year has passed! I would have to say it was duly celebrated in style. Etsuko and I went to Tachikawa to see the New Year in with Adam, Peter, Chris, Junko, Naomi and Yuko. You can see them in the picture below aptly named the ‘munch bunch.’

Speaking of munching, Peter, chef extraordinaire provided one of the best meals I’ve ever had (outside of course my mothers and grandmothers cooking!). We were treated to smoked salmon, pasta, chicken and even some delectable items which I am unable to adequately describe. You can see a photo of this food below.

Following the champagne popping at midnight we proceeded to play a game of monopoly. Fortunately the parties are still on speaking terms, but only just. Ultimately I don’t believe that the game was decided as it became a battle between Chris and Peter with neither side willing to back down.

The next morning when I awoke felt as though someone was banging a drum next to my head. In actual fact someone was banging a drum just outside the building. It is apparently some type of new year tradition to walk around the neighbourhood making as much noise as possible. Of course in New Zealand this would be dealt with in a rather harsh manner but in Japan news years has a slightly different symbolic function and accordingly early-morning drum bangers are welcomed.

I think that this year was the most sophisticated celebration which I have partaken in at New Years, of course I think it would be impossible to top some of the years I’ve had at Turangi. This one came pretty close. I just hope the rest of year will be as enjoyable!


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