Tuesday, December 28, 2004

I have discovered that thousands, probably hundreds of thousands, of people in Tokyo enjoy looking at pretty lights. Etsuko and I became two of those people. Last evening (after a hard days overtime I might add) I went to the Tokyo Millenario which is a pretty amazing display of lights. I am not really too sure of the story behind it or who funds this free display but it was certainly wowing the crowds.

There is a Japanese word which means Christmas Lights it is “illumination”. There was certainly some illumination going on last night. You could in fact call it an illuminating experience.

The evening was followed by a meal at ( the rapidly becoming infamous) “Watami” Japanese Style Bar/Restraunt, with Etsuko, Armando from The Bronx, New York (new and soon to be ex-resident of my Guest House) and one of my Japanese buddies. All in all a good way to kick off my (all too brief) New Year Holidays.


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