Wednesday, January 26, 2005

My Plans

Greetings all!

Thanks for reading this blog, sorry I have probably gotten a bit carried away of late with the information on here but the good news is you dont have to read it!

I will be returning to NZ for a 2 week. YES 2 WEEK!!! Break (Not one as originally planned)

I arrive in Tauranga 17 February. I plan to head to Hamilton and Te Awamutu 18 February. I will have some kind of birthday celebration in Tauranga on 19 February probably a BBQ at my parents place (if they will let me (more details to follow)).

The now engaged (in a matrimonial sense) Dave and Pip are coming up from Christchuch.

So if your busy social schedules will allow it I'd love to see you in Tauranga on Saturday 19 February - don't worry if you can't make it I will be doing the rounds so we will be able to catch up at some point. (Birthday presnets can be forwarded to my parents house as usual)

The rest of my time will be spent warming up before retunring to the chiily Japanese spring. If you have any suggestions of exciting things that are on in those two weeks let me know.

I return to Nihon on 1 March.


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