Wednesday, January 26, 2005

...and sho-ju all of us...

Getting to Suwon from Seoul was rather easy. Only about 1 hour on the subway, cheap too. It cost about $2.00 NZ. In Tokyo the same distance would probably cost around $9.00. I managed to meet Kev at a bar called Beer and Joy. Not a bad place and their sausage creation was rather interesting.

We then spent the rest of the night visiting various establishments which coincidentally sold cold beverages including Sho-Ju (Spelling?) which is a kind of blended alcohol which apparently induces all the effects of drunkenness upon the drinker.

One of the more interesting establishments I went to was a place that Kev calls The Rock (because of the pebbles which serve as the ‘carpet’) this was a large tent with small tables cropped around kerosene heaters. The beverages were cheap as was the food. We were soon met by one of Kev’s Korean friends affectionately named ‘Yellow Kevin’ (no relation). While at the Rock the only other couple in the place at the time ordered a couple of drinks and some food, finished it quickly and then did a runner. Rather strange!

After about two hours sleep it was time to get up and catch the bus to the airport. After a further 40 minutes sleep it was time to get-up, panic and rush to catch the bus to the airport. In getting to the airport I had to catch a taxi and ask for ‘Hotel Cassel’ which is American for ‘Hotel Castle’. The only pronunciation understood in Korea is American…which much to my dismay Kev has picked up, more pronounced after a few beers strangely??


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