Friday, February 24, 2006

Finally Updating the Blog

Well as you can see I havent updated this for a while. I will do a quick recap and then just dump a whole pile of pics on here...with a few captions.

Etsuko and I left Japan on 30 November after a great farewell from both the students and the other teachers. (And Anna who crashed my farewell party (But she is always welcome to do that!!))

We then arrived in NZ and I came down with the same massive cold that I had last time. I think it might be something that they put in to the Economy section to make us upgrade...

In NZ we did a whole bunch of stuff, including cathing up with family and friends and travelling to the very top of NZ (well as far as you can go by road). We have also been lucky enough to be involved in a friends wedding... basically I will let the pictures tell the story.......

Here's to updating this thing a bit more frequently!!


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