Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Whats New

Ok once again I am professing to being really busy as a reason that I haven’t been updating this site, in truth however I have just been exceptionally lazy. I have managed to read a few books lately that I picked up in NZ and have been attending a few social occasions and even been to Karaoke a number of times…my new favourite song is In the Ghetto by the King.

I also have finished my period of employment at the Junior high School as the school year has finished and is about to restart in a week or so.

On the job front I have had some fairly major (in my world) developments. Firstly I have requested a change my employment status with NOVA and I will now be working 30 hours per week there. My new hours are:-
Wednesday 5.50pm – 9.00pm,
Thursday and Friday 5.00pm - 9.00pm,
Saturday and Sunday 10.00am to 5.40pm.

As my hours have been reduced I have been able to get a second job. I am now working 4 days per week at two Junior High Schools, being Nishi Toyama and Nishi Shinjuku school. These are both fairly close to where I live and work so it is all very convenient. The obvious downside is that once you take into account both jobs I will be working about 60 hours per week. Which could have a possibility for burn out. However I am pretty sure that there will be many days which I am not needed at the school and there are school holidays etc.

This should all be pretty good for the bank balance but with a few projects on the go I wont be in a position of feeling like I have a lot of money. One of these projects is that I have decided to up the ante on my Japanese learning and study at a private school. I also have some small travel plans which I am trying to develop.

After putting my request for a reduction in hours I was offered a promotion by the area manager nice to have been asked but I have decided that my future doesn’t lie in NOVA.

Speaking of travel the entirety of my nuclear family will visit me over the next six months which I am very happy about..


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