Sunday, November 28, 2004

Cold Beer, Chicken and a Great View

The picture below was taken from a Yakitori restaurant in a place called Ebisu, which in near the centre of Tokyo. A Yakatori restaurant is literally a BBQ Chicken restaurant. The food is usually cheap as is the beer. Because of the lofty altitude of this place the prices were a bit higher (30 floors higher in fact) than usual but understandable when you see the view. The place is set up with a counter that faces the outside of the building so that you can admire the view while you dine. The beer glass is resting on the counter.


Even the bustling metropolis of Tokyo looks peaceful and amazing from 30 floors up.


Anyway I only have one more day to work before the weekend. I will try and work overtime on Monday but am unlikely to get any so may do some more sight seeing around Tokyo. The plan is to go hiking again this Tuesday but the weather has been perfect all week so it is highly likely that there will be a torrential downpour soon. Wow am I pessimistic or what? On the weather front it is starting to cool down a bit and I can see that within the next three weeks the winter jacket will have to come out. Kev in Korea is reporting that it has already started snowing. Its quite good in a way that it is getting cold as it doesn’t seem like Christmas at all and therefore I am not missing home too much. Once again all Christmas presents can be directed to my parents house!!


Today I was given my schedule for next month and it looks as though I am working in a very small school and chances are that I will be the only westerner there. Should be a fun day. OK now remember…all presents can be sent care of my parents. ;-)




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